How To Prepare For NDA After Class 12th

How To Prepare For NDA After Class 12th

Are you a student who is wondering How To Prepare For NDA After Class 12th? Because you want to have a carrier in Indian Armed force or are you a parent who is searching for your child How To Prepare For NDA After Class 12th? Then you’re at a right place, in this article we will discuss best practices to succeed in NDA exam.

NDA Exam Overview


Conducted By



Twice a Year

Exam Name

National Defence Academy and Naval Academy Examination


Army: Passed or appearing in Class 12

Airforce and Navy: Passed or appearing in Class 12 but must have Maths, Physics and Chemistry.

Exam Mode       


NDA Exam Subjects

Maths and GAT (General Ability Test)

Maximum Marks             

900, Maths (300) and GAT (600)

Negative Marking           

1/3rd marks allotted to the question

Exam Duration 

2 ½ hrs for each

Selection Process

1.       Written

2.       SSB

3.       Medical

Marital Status



Male and Female


Bhartiya(Indian) Citizen

NDA Age Limit

16.5 to 19.5

Official Website

NDA exam is divided into two parts-

Written Exam- This exam checks your academic knowledge and SSB Interview (Service Selection Board) this exam test your overall personality.

Written exam is divided into two parts:

Mathematics (300 Marks): This exam tests your understanding of mathematics concepts from Class 11th and 12th NCERT this test helps to evaluate your problem-solving ability. There are total 120 questions in this section.

                                           Maths exam pattern

No. of Questions


Correct Answer

2.5 mark

Negative Mark

-(0.83) mark


600 Marks

Total duration of Mathematics Paper 

2 ½ hr

General Ability Test (GAT) (600 Marks): GAT covers History, Geography, Polity, Current Affairs, Science, and English. This paper consists of 150 questions:

English (200 Marks): This section consist of 50 questions and it tests your reading comprehension, grammar, and vocabulary.

General Knowledge (400 Marks): This section have 100 questions it helps to evaluate your Logical Reasoning, knowledge of current affairs topics covered are History, Geography, Polity, Current Affairs, and Science.

                     General Ability Test (GAT) exam pattern

No. of Questions



200 Marks

General Knowledge

400 Marks

Correct Answer

4 mark

Negative Mark

-(1.3) mark


300 Marks

Total duration of Mathematics Paper 

2 ½ hr

SSB Interview

SSB Interview

SSB Interview: After clearing written exam candidates are called for SSB, this 5 days interview checks your leadership quality, teamwork, communication skills, courage, mental and physical fitness. SSB interview is divided into 2 stages

Stage 1

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR Tests) through Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT):  This tests checks your mental alertness, analytical thinking, and storytelling skills.

Stage 2

  • Interview: It is done by an officer to check your background, leadership quality, and are you suitable for the job.
  • Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks): A series of outdoor group activities are conducted to test your leadership, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and your ability to work under pressure.
  • Psychology Tests: These tests helps the examiner to evaluate, your personality, interests, and motivations through interviews and group discussions.
  • Conference: This conference is held to evaluate the performance of each candidates and based on this they decide whether to recommend you for selection.

How To Prepare For NDA After Class 12th?

To succeed in your exam, it’s essential to set realistic goals and create a easy to follow study plan. Start by understanding the exam pattern and syllabus. Divide your time efficiently among different subjects, focus more on areas where you feel less confident.

Subject-wise Preparation


  1. Practice regularly to improve your question solving speed.
  2. Practice using previous year question paper this will help you understand the format of exam and areas you need to work on.
  3. Set time limit for solving papers this will help you to manage your time in real exam

General Ability Test (GAT)

  1. Stay Updated with current affairs you can use, official sources like  Press Information Bureau (PIB) and MEA gov or news sites like THE HINDU or  TIMES OF INDIA ).
  2. Improve your English language skills by reading newspapers, books, and magazines regularly.
  3. Previous question paper for GAT are equally important

Practice and Revision

Regular practice and revision are very important because, Our brains naturally forget information over time. Regular practice and revision helps to solidify information in our long-term memory. The more you practice and revise, the more confident you become in your abilities. Regular practice helps you to understand where your need to work. Set a specific time for solving previous year question papers, practice papers and mock tests to boost your preparation level. Work on your weak areas and improve them through practice and revision.

Stay Healthy and Manage Stress

It is most important to stay mentally and physically fit because during exam preparation, the pressure to succeed can be too much to handle. When you’re physically fit, your brain functions at its best. Make sure you sleep properly , eat a balanced diet, and exercise regularly to stay physically and mentally fit and don’t forget that physical fitness is also needed if you want to crack NDA exam.

Avoid Guessing answers

Avoid Guessing answers because for every incorrect answers NDA exam has a negative marking scheme. It’s better to attempt questions you’re confident about, If you’re not sure about the answer, try to eliminate the options that you know are definitely wrong based on your knowledge. 

Managing your time

Managing your time properly ensures you to attempt all questions and have enough time to review your answers. Don’t waste your time on a single question if you can’t answer it, mark it for later and move on to the next question. You can always come back to these questions if you have time.

Seek Guidance

While self study and dedication are important for your preparation but guidance from experienced teachers, coaching institutes for expert advice and support, candidates who have clear the exam or candidates who didn’t can also help you understand mistakes to avoid and best practices.


Preparing for the NDA exam after completing Class 12th requires dedication, good planning, clear understanding of the exam pattern and syllabus. Whether you’re a student aspiring to serve the nation in the Indian Armed Forces or a parent supporting your child’s aspirations, this guide has provided valuable tips and best practices to succeed in the NDA exam.

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It helps you to understand exam format and evaluating your weakness.

It is not necessary but it can help you by providing guidance and all necessary resources for your preparation.

If you’re unmarried and between 16.5 and 19.5 years old, 12th pass and an INDIAN citizen you can apply for nda exam.

Yes you can if you fulfil the eligibility criteria.

Yes you can apply more than once if your age is between 16.5 and 19.5 years

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