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Study plan to succeed in NDA exam

It is a Dream of many young people to serve in Indian Armed force and NDA exam is a great opportunity for these aspirants, but with a competitive exam and a vast syllabus, preparing for the exam can make you feel overwhelmed. To succeed in this exam, you need a well-structured study plan that will be your roadmap to success in NDA exam.

In this blog post we will discuss the exactly How to Develop a Bulletproof Study Plan to succeed in NDA exam.

Understanding the NDA Exam

Before preparing for any exam, it’s important to familiarize yourself with exam pattern and syllabus. NDA exam conducted by UPSC is divide into 2 parts Written and SSB

Written Test

Written Test is further divided into two parts, General Ability Test (GAT) – (600 Marks) and  Mathematics (300 Marks)

General Ability Test (GAT)- (600 Marks) :

GAT Exam Overview






Physics, Chemistry, General Science, Geography, Current Affairs, and






2 ½ hour


4 mark




The GAT is further divided into English and General Knowledge.

English (200 Marks) 50 Questions:

  • Comprehension
  • Vocabulary
  • Use of Grammar
  • Error Correction
  • Idioms and Phrases

General Knowledge 100 Questions (400 Marks):

  • History: Ancient, Medieval, and Modern Indian History, World History
  • Geography: Physical Geography of India and the World, Important Geographical Features
  • Current Affairs: National and International Events of Significance
  • Science: Physics, Chemistry, Biology (Basic Science at 10+2 level)
  • Polity and Economy: Indian Political System, Indian Economy

Mathematics (300 Marks)


Maths Exam Overview

Total Questions


Total Marks



2 ½ hour

Correct Answer

2.5 mark

Incorrect Answer

-(0.83) mark

The Mathematics section covers topics from Class 11th and 12th NCERT:

  • Algebra: Sets, Relations & Functions, Complex Numbers, Matrices & Determinants, Quadratic Equations, Permutations & Combinations, Binomial Theorem, Logarithms, Progression
  • Calculus: Differential Calculus, Integral Calculus
  • Geometry:2D & 3D Geometry, Trigonometry
  • Statistics & Probability: Basic Concepts of Statistics, Probability

SSB Interview

After clearing written exam candidates are called for SSB interview, this 5 days interview checks your leadership quality, teamwork, communication skills, courage, mental and physical fitness.

SSB interview is divided into 2 stages

Stage 1

Officer Intelligence Rating (OIR Tests) through Picture Perception and Discussion Test (PPDT):  This tests checks your mental alertness, analytical thinking, and storytelling skills.

Stage 2

  • Interview: It is done by an officer to check your background, leadership quality, and are you suitable for the job.
  • Group Testing Officer Tasks (GTO Tasks): A series of outdoor group activities are conducted to test your leadership, cooperation, problem-solving skills, and your ability to work under pressure.
  • Psychology Tests: These tests helps the examiner to evaluate, your personality, interests, and motivations through interviews and group discussions.
  • Conference: This conference is held to evaluate the performance of each candidates and based on this they decide whether to recommend you for selection.

Importance of a Study Plan

importance of study plan in nda exam


A well designed study plan helps you to track your preparation, it helps you to understand to schedule your study time so you can focus your time on your weak area. It also helps you to prevent any last-minute cramming in the actual exam so you can give your best.


How To Create Your Study Plan


The first and most important step is to understand your strengths and weaknesses. How to do that? by taking practice mock tests or solving previous year NDA question paper or quizzes for each subject to identify topics that require more attention. This self-assessment helps you prioritize your study efforts effectively.


Time Management

Create your time table such that you have sufficient time for each subject based on its weightage and difficulty, don’t forget to include time for revisions and breaks. Remember breaks are as important as studying because it allows you to relax your mind which results in better learning.


It’s important to include every topic of NDA syllabus but make sure to prioritize your weaker subjects. By doing so you improve your chances of scoring high, however it doesn’t mean you should neglet the areas where you are good at you just need to spend less time on them comparatively.


Track your progress through practice mock tests and self-assessment, this helps you to understand how much you have improved in your weaker topics.


If you try to do everything in a single day this can harm your progress instead of doing good, it can cause you stress which can result in procrastination (not feeling like to study) so having breaks in your schedule will help you stay focused and avoid burnout during long study sessions.

Mock Tests and Practice Questions

Include mock tests and practicing previous year questions paper in your study schedule to familiarize yourself with the exam pattern and understanding areas you need improvement.

Stay Organized

It’s important that you keep your notes and study materials organized this will save your precious time when revising concepts.

Minimize Distractions

If you really want to succeed and achieve your goal of joining Indian Armed Force, you need to get rid of all the distractions around you for example during your study time you should not have your phone next to you except when you are using it for your studies, but make sure you allot time for it too.

Reward System

It’s important to Stay motivated throughout your preparation journey. So implement a reward system for your big or small achievement, this will help you to have a better focus.

Study Groups

If possible joining study groups with like-minded people can help you stay motivated, this will also help you to check your knowledge and areas where you need improvement.


Remember, a well-crafted study plan followed by your unwavering dedication is the key to succeed in NDA exam. This plan serves as a roadmap, but make changes in it based on your learning style and preferences. Stay focused, utilize effective study techniques, and don’t be afraid to seek help when needed. With hard work and perseverance, you’ll be well on your way to securing your place in the NDA

Bonus Tip: Don’t neglect preparing for the SSB interview alongside your written exam prep. Research the interview format, practice communication skills, and develop a strong understanding of the qualities the SSB looks for in a candidate.


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